What we do.

Goodwishes provide a platform for people of the world to support each other in times of natural disaster and war torn situations with their heartfelt emotional support by writing Goodwishes.

The Goodwishes cross political, ethnic, religious and cultural divisions and reach other human beings who are suffering around the world.

We collect goodwishes from people and distribute them to those who may need it via a digital platform.

Our history

For over the last decade Goodwishes have been helping communities to tranform their anguish into powerful positive emotional support to those who are suffering across our planet from natural to man made disasters.

The idea of goodwishes came when we were walking on the march against the Iraq war. Founding facilitator Maryjean Hunter and Shekhar Kamat were surprised by many people in the march who were voicing their anger, considering the march was named – PEACE MARCH. Maryjean thought that voicing anger is not a way to help people who are suffering. Hence the idea of goodwishes was born. As we all know what it’s like to receive Goodwishes at critical times. Goodwishes are an invisible yet very powerful support, as thoughts travels instantly, faster than text, email or phone calls.

We then created THE LONGEST LETTER FOR THOSE SUFFERING FROM THE IRAQ WAR. Over 8000 goodwishes were collected in Melbourne. Later, as the Iraq war went full steam, we decided to take these goodwishes to the UN and present them to the president of the general assembly Mr Jan Kavan.

It is from this history, that the goodwishes site has been established, to continue to help people in need and spread positive vibrations into the world.